Dunaliella Salina

Micro algae

It’s an halophile microalga that grow in high salt concentrations, this fact reduces drastically the possibilities that pathogenic microorganisms can grow up. Lives in environments with a high solar radiation, this is the reason why Dunaliella generates β-carotene to protect himself.

Dunaliella salina is rich in carotenoids, mainly β-carotene. This carotenoid is well-known for being the precursor of Vitamin A, therefore essential for the visual health.

Our microalgae are grown under unique conditions that allow as to have cells with a high β-carotene content, reaching between 5– 7% of this pigment.

Its nutritional profile and its antioxidant properties, makes these microalgae a suitable product for cosmetic and nutritional areas.

Cultural isolation from Tuticorin.